PERFORMANCE 1 - Garage/ industrial, LED tubes (daylight/ 5600 kelvin), pop/ modern look. (LED tube rental required) 
    PERFORMANCE 2 - Living room/ motell, Window light (daylight/ 5600 kelvin or warmer), beautiful/ organic look.
    Link: Julia Michaels
    PERFORMANCE 3 - Garage/ empty building, Daylight + Tungsten (orange/ teal) light, modern look, (one take?)
    Link: Justin Timberlake
VHS clips
We are going to cut between some "VHS" clips of people/ faces, who represent all sorts of relationships, hetro & HQBT. They will look into the camera and at each other.
​​When you cut between the "Performance" and "VHS" clips it looks better in version 2 & 3, rather than in version 1. But I think it's because of the blue light in the reference video. Our plan is to use daylight (5600 kelvin or warmer) like in The 1975 video.

Check out testvideos down bellow.
VERSION 1 - Pop/ Modern
VERSION 2 - Beautiful/ Organic
VERSION 3 - Modern
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